About us

About us

We are real people! We’re a small family business that began in 1957. Scroll down to see more of our story — a story of family and of delicious food from a bygone era that continues to delight people today.

Nathan retired and closed the restaurant, but he and his son Bernard continued to make the original Char Crust rub because chefs from other restaurants were clamoring to buy it. Specialty food stores continued to carry it in small bottles.

Bernard met Susan Eriksen, and after a few dates her curiosity about Char Crust was piqued. Bernard cooked Char Crust chicken for her, and with the first bite she was in love — with Char Crust and Bernard! Within a year, Susan and Bernard joined forces and pursued the Char Crust, Inc. business in earnest.

A trip down Memory Lane — Although their family’s steakhouse is no longer there, Bernard and Susan still enjoy dining at the restaurants within the Belden-Stratford building in Chicago.

Bernard and Susan selected Char Crust as the company’s brand name, and added many new flavors to their line of unique dry-rub seasonings. Today Char Crust, Inc. continues to make all of their products in-house, using premium, kosher, clean-label ingredients. They sell to consumers, retail stores, and foodservice accounts.

“Enjoy, eat well, and remember: Only Char Crust® Seals in the Juices®!”